monthly blog post 500 words for business

Monthly Blog Post 500 Words For Business. The blog post to a website is as essential as a header image to your home page. Without blog posts, websites simply become static business card style sites that offer little or no real benefit to your future and present customers. If all they are seeing is the same thing over and over again they will develop what is known as banner blindness and will simply stop seeing your message. This blindness is the same thing that happens when a visitor to your website goes to each of your pages but sees the same, or nearly the same, words and pictures over and over again. This typically happens on service or product style pages and after a while the visitor just misses your message or offers entirely and will usually leave to go to another website. Possibly your competitor's. A blog post on the other hand, because it covers a different topic each time, or a variation on a theme of topics, can help to keep a visitor intrigued and engaged and this encourages them to take some form of action suggested from within the blog post, such as leaving a comment, or sharing the post onto their social media profiles. This is very important for websites because it helps them to not only stay well-ranked in the search engines, but helps to spread the word about the business itself. And after all, that's what you really want isn't it. Greater exposure to your target audience. This is what blog posts can do for you and why it is super important that you can good post written for you by people who know how to elicit the right response. You don't just want any content, you want actionable content. Topics that make the reader want to continue to come back to your website and ultimately do business with you. Market Cachet,a business services company specializing in online services for small and medium businesses has created a number of blog post writing services that you can take advantage of at very competitive prices. Each service is variable in nature and you can pick and choose the service that best suits your business and its needs. We can do 500 word posts, 100 word posts as well as email content if required and each service can be done on a weekly or monthly basis. The services are conducted by qualified specialist writers and are delivered straight to your email inbox.

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